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Dewi Rezer Sexy Pictures

Dewi Rezer (born in Jakarta on 29 September 1980; age 28 years old) is the first child of 4 with the pair Yotin Rezer (father) and Nurdiati (mother). Dewi Rezer is a model, presenter, and the stage star ad Indonesia.

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* 3 Private Life
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Initially dream to become an artist does not have to be in the minds of Goddess Rezer while still small. Door to the wide spread when there himself out as one of the winners GADIS Covers 1995, while still seated in the junior grades 2. After the bid to become a photo model mapun star on the ad continued.

Although the Goddess Rezer initiated since his career is still young, the new name melejit holds the title after VJ (Video Jockey) MTV Indonesia. However, the profession dilakoninya only one year from 2002-2003. Dewi decide pause from the sparkling world of entertainment because concentration Rockface task as requirements script graduated from the London School of Public Relation.

In 2002, Dewi Rezer menyempatkan try to play themselves in movies garapan Mira Lesmana, Rudy Sudjarwo, Riri Riza and titled "Seventh House." In the first movie, playing together Rezer Goddess Indra Birowo. After playing in the "Seventh House," Goddess 2 Rockface another film, which is "One More Film Presentation to Indonesia Lovers" and "awesome party just Launch."

Although the film has been playing, Dewi not forget the work first, the presenter. Dewi Teknopop driving events in the FAP and ANTV through IBL Insider.


* Seventh House (2003)
* Do I Kiss (2004)

Private life

Once engaged for three years, Dewi Rezer eventually married John Marcellino Victor Lefrand. They married in the chapel Tirta Bali Hotels International, Uluwatu, Jimbaran, Bali, on 18 July 2007. December 21, 2007, Dewi first child birth, Marcel Brinet Lefrandt. [1], however, refutes that the Goddess is the first child, the result of accidents, 'observed the birth of God's grace is Brineth.

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