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Foto Seksi Rayendra Cindy Januariasya Passionate Girl

"Rayendra Cindy Januariasya" Passionate Girl

That morning, the sun seemed to greet our photography session. Stay with us, faithful to accompany the day. Luxurious rooms at the Empress Suite Hotel Le Grandeur Mangga Dua Cindy silent witness action in front of the camera. Dara was beautiful and how sad the poor across the world of entertainment. Starting from the runway catwalk, to the major actors in the number of FTV. In between shooting sessions, this distinctive-looking girl talked a lot about who she is. Starting from a career to talk about sex.

Cindy Rayendra Januariasya is the full name of this sweet lady. Call Cindy. When we first meet girl, her face and her attitude was so caught our attention. We even convinced girl to perform at Hot. Cindy is a newcomer to the world of Indonesian cinema. Some soap operas and FTV has ever starred in, such as: Clown Dul Sinetron, FTV Girls wagering, Obsession 18 FTV, FTV soulmate / Olala Viola 18, FTV Dialler Ghosts Spirits, FTV Do not hurt my heart, FTV Maybe Married. Additionally, some ads had also starred. Her achievements also good, he gets a couple of times I diberbagi arena champion model.

Rayendra Cindy Januariasya

foto sexy Rayendra Cindy Januariasya

foto hot Rayendra Cindy Januariasya

Rayendra Cindy Januariasya

Foto ranjang Rayendra Cindy Januariasya

When we do interviews with girl, a woman with a height of 165 cm/45 kg is busy following the shooting, shoots and fashion shows. Her career started with a model for fashion and the catwalk in Surabaya. But the enthusiasm was so great to go shooting, finally in 2008, she ventured to migrate to Jakarta. "I go to Jakarta and joined in the casting," she said. "The fate of luck too quick to come, thanks in FTV directly can bid in 2008," he said beaming. Therefore, its role in the FTV Girls wagering though as an actor truly memorable maid. Cindy is talented in terms of acting. Ability in acting learned autodidact. "I like studying acting alone in the glass alone, well self-taught".

Cindy is the totality of tips for success in this entertainment world. "Always the total in employment, discipline, respect for people, and friendly," she said. When we try to ask about the willingness if one day there was a movie director who offers a hot, she replied, "As long as the ML is not the truth, yes of course I want!" Sh replied lightly. Had crossed our minds that yes indeed there is truth ML? Given the rumors in a few films that make a real hot scene. There is, to get a stimulus or feelnya usually asked to play the first player, told MI-first," said Cindy trying to explain.

On the sidelines of leisure, she likes to wear casual clothes, but to sleep "always lingerie," she admitted in a naughty. When we asked three questions about the standard of intimacy, he replied PDF, breasts are part of the body that likes sexy praised by men, of course favorite style Doggy style, and French's kiss is a kiss that she likes. "Mix of hot and softness," she said. "Especially when in a private garden and beach." That's some wild imagination. If you want to see how sexy Cindy, see actingnya on the big screen with Sarah Azhari Pocong Stars and Aura Kasih, she said teasingly.

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