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Fifie Buntaran Sexy Lingerie Model

Fifie Buntaran have call name with fifie born in Pontinak, 4 october 1979 pass from London School in Public Relation. She have high 170 cm and weigh 50 kg and indonesian model popular and celebrity.

Women are exotic when they're on lingerie, no matter where they come from, their ethnic or their skin color. That's why we have various models from all over the world in this blog. Now, once again I'd like to introduce you another Indonesian actress, Fifie Buntaran. I'm not gonna babbling about who she is, because she's a local celeb, and small chance you'll see her in international appearance. The important thing you need to know is that she's hot and sexy, especially in these underwear pictorials.

Fifie Buntaran Sexy Lingerie Model

Fifie Buntaran Sexy Lingerie Model

Don't stop To Love and is loved

Lovely, high, and proportional. Femina Face finalist 1999 one is now she is a model the worlds, catwalk and also this photograph as one of countries sexy jet set this. But its love trip aground just since profession that do. Eventually she wants both just while nuptials happen. sex before marriage problem, she gets to say, woman does ever be disadvantaged. so, finally, "But all most home wards to pertinent woman," woman speech that becomes model' Irma' deep this Irex advertising.

Fifie Buntaran Sexy Lingerie Model

Fifie Buntaran

Beautiful in every opportunity is a priority for this Pontiac virgin birth. But that does not mean any moment she should visit the salon. Moreover, should conduct in-depth treatment to treat and maintain the beauty and the beauty of her body. In fact, the program became mandatory for a model.

Fifie Buntaran Sexy Lingerie Model

Fifie Buntaran

Fifie Buntaran Sexy Lingerie Model

Collection Lingerie & Entrepreneur Steady

On another occasion had a chat with Fifie Buntaran continues. This time it took place at the President Suite is located on 15th floor of the Aston Atrium Hotel Jakarta, as well as shooting took place. Room with a rate of approximately Rp. 3 million per night is quite luxurious.

A set of comfortable overstuffed sofa while Fifie menghenyakkan containing solid ass. So anyway, her plump indirect drowned. Understandably, even the high reached 170 cm, weighing just 50 kg. Quite ideal for a model.

foto model Fifie Buntaran

foto seksi Fifie Buntaran

foto hot Fifie Buntaran

The rooms are large enough is also equipped with a desk, kitchen bar, dining table, as well as bedrooms and bathrooms are quite spacious and luxurious. The bathroom was equipped with a jacuzzi for soaking the body when chills accompany. Fifie quite surprise by this shooting location.

Preparation was carried out immediately. Fifie who came alone were soon worn out equipment every day, namely in the form of lotion, cosmetic, and of course her lingerie collection.

"You have lots of lingerie. It also contributes to the confidence you? "

"I love shopping lingerie. If you had more money I like to buy underwear, funny underwear. For me it was sexy. During it's just like buying clothes or evening dress casual and so forth. I always forget that the name lingerie for a woman is important.

I always shop whose name I never lingirie. Because now many emerging lingerie workshop and I will never be their model several times, so in love. Wow pretty cool lingerie for women. Especially when there is a special event. "

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