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Kirana Larasati pictures

Kirana Larasati (born in Jakarta, 29 August 1987; age 21 years old) is the stage of Indonesia. Kirana Larasati begin known public after her patron of Dance show SCTV.


Kirana debut on Kan That is the patron of Love with Sahrul Gunawan, Bertrand Antolin, and Fera Feriska. Kirana involvement in the art world the role of inadvertence during the campaign to win the event movie Eiffel I'm in Love held the radio station Polaris. The prize is dinner with the stars Samuel Rizal and Sandy Aulia. There Kirana offered to promises to follow a patron by the Goddess Yulia Razif, promises director of PT Soraya Intercine film. [1] After these endeavors, career Kirana developed further. Rather the toss Kirana is the name of the Dance show SCTV in 2007. Rather the other had, among other dibintanginya I not, I says Love, 17 Years Iparku brother, Couples Health, Habibi and Habibah.

In addition patron, Kirana has also been playing in a few movies, among others, D'Girlz Begins (2006), Gotcha, Women's Own Story (2008). In the film anthology Women's Own Story, Kirana become a major player in the story The Story of Yogyakarta as Safina.

Kirana now formed a relationship with Awi Suryadi a director aged 10 years older. [2]


* D'Girlz Begins (2006)
* Gotcha (2006)
* Women's Own Story (2008)
* Claudia / Jasmine (2008)


* Find the Love (2004)
* I am not
* I Love says
* That Iparku 17 Years
* Couples Health
* Hum puberty
* Kawin Gantung
* Bidadari 3
* Sweet 17
* Points Divine
* Kurindu Jiwaku
* Habibi and Habibah
* Dance (2007)
* Karissa (2008)

Gallery Picture Of Kirana Larasati

Kirana LarasatiKirana Larasati in ad

Kirana Larasati with blue dress

Kirana LarasatiKirana Larasati similiar with cut mini

Kirana LarasatiKirana Larasati with sweatheart

Kirana LarasatiKirana Larasati smile

Kirana LarasatiKirana Larasati smile 2

Kirana LarasatiKirana Larasati style

Kirana Larasati
Kirana Larasati with blue dress

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