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Foto Pose Seksi Soraya Surya di Popular Magazine


"Beautiful, exotic, and certainly she's good at French kiss. How ya trick while longer 'want' but had to survive because of the fasting month? "
The woman who likes to be addressed with the title of this Aya was in college at one private university in Jakarta and majoring in Public Relations. Beginning her career began in 2006, when she managed to get a face third ranked Femina. After that, a few soap operas began starring Aya, like Beautiful Love, Kanaya, and FTV. She also starred in ads and Brylcream BCA.

Foto Pose Seksi Soraya Surya di Popular

At the time her career climb, the woman who was nonchalant glance prefer to take a break from acting to further the college who had abandoned. Sweet virgin birth of Bandung, June 8, 1984 This is a fusion of a father who comes from Aceh and the mother of Bandung.

For matters of sex, women with a 170 cm tall and weighs 50 kg including the person who is open. Perceptions about sexuality even with straightforward dijabarkannya. No half-hearted, she even dared to tell his fantasy about the art of lovemaking.

Foto Pose Seksi Soraya Surya di Popular Magazine

Soraya Surya wallpaper

Foto Pose Seksi Soraya Surya di Popular Magazine

Of all the soap opera starring you, whichever is most memorable?
Beautiful Love, apart from being the first. Beautiful Love also striping and almost 80 episodes. During 3-4 months, we met with the same people. Initially, I was really blank and confident but not as many assisted finally started bisalah.

Ever feel the love scene?
No, no, no, but not from one location. But it was not all. Simply not proceed ..

The ideals you actually what the heck, Aya?
Actually I wanted to be a public relations officer in a multinational company, for example, oil companies, Caltex, Chevron or whatever. But, yes come on in front had traveled alone to look for experience.

Foto Pose Seksi Soraya Surya di Popular Magazine

Foto Pose Seksi Soraya Surya di Popular Magazine

Foto Pose Seksi Soraya Surya di Popular Magazine

If the type of guy are you?
A boy really, who can provide security, management responsibility, and a definite understanding. If the physical side, which obviously big. And a little bad boy. Because if a nice boy, like he'd never could understand me.

Back to the past, when you first kiss?
First love and first kiss was when junior high school. And it was his first kiss is just not touching it until the French kiss.

foto hot Soraya Surya

Soraya Surya

Soraya Surya

The concept of sexy guys in your eye?
I never judge a guy sexy than a good physique. But from his personality, the way he walked, the way he talked, and dressed.

Do you think foreplay is good, it is necessary for how long?
15-20 minutes. If the trigger gradually lost the mood.

Wow, you have a sexual fantasy?
Have I ever watched a movie, I want to do that when watched by many people. How ya feel? cool times huh? Lol .. But that's just wishful thinking only. Continues to also nyobain in outdoor, such as beach or an island. Even to add sensation sometimes I like to casually take photographs or film while making love.

Soraya Surya happy to try new things. Not only that, Soraya is also not going to resign when presented with a challenging adventure. Like recently, Soraya trying to drive all-terrain vehicle all terrain vehicle alias (ATV) on the sidelines of a solid shooting schedule. However, although not retreat even one step, this challenge inevitably shrink Soraya guts. "Scary. Gemeteran ya," Soraya said shortly after the ATV engine ignited. Indeed, a vehicle similar to a four-wheeled motorcycles but this is to explore the wild. But for beginners like Soraya tested enough in the field of artificial ATV. Though experiencing fear, finally Soraya also enjoy riding ATV. According to Soraya, ATV has many similarities with the three-wheeled, three-wheeler. "Noise is the same," said the artists involved in the soap opera Love is Beautiful.

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