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Wiwid Gunawan hot Pictures

Rujuniarti Sapta Pertiwi
Bandung , 12 Juni 1982

Rujuniarti sapta Pertiwi born at Bandung, West java, 21st June 1982, more known as Wiwid gunawan is actres and advertising staring Indonesia.
Wiwid gunawan begins to be known by afters public gets role in sinetron Cinderella. Wiwid progressively being known by afters extent gets role in wide screen film Kawin kontrak.
Wiwid Gunawan began recognized by the public after a role in sinetron Cinderella. Wiwid Gunawan increasingly wide known after a role in the film the big screen Single Contract.


* Single Contract (2008)
* Pulau Hantu 2 (2008)
* Contract Single Again (2008)
* People's Deputy (2009)


* Cinderella
* Arrange Roll (akan datang)


Wiwid Gunawan never confess hooked watching porno movies. "I have the happiness bule-bule gitu," ujarnya.Kegemaran Wiwid watching porno movies began when he was syuting film 'Single Contract'. In the film he melakoni a bed scene. "I observations watching erotic films," said the Wiwid aktingnya time beradegan bed was enough to persuade, said Wiwid at Euro Cafe, Belleza, Permata Hijau, South Jakarta, on Wednesday (4/6/2008). From films that ditontonnya that, Wiwid expression when trying to simulate beradegan intimate. From there, it can be more menghayati aktingnya the Single Contract. No hesitate, he confessed collect some porno film. If you are bored, he will exchange film with his friends.

Gallery Picture Of Wiwid Gunawan

Wiwid Gunawan
Wiwid Gunawan
Wiwid Gunawan
Wiwid Gunawan
Wiwid Gunawan
Wiwid Gunawan
Wiwid Gunawan

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