Jumat, 05 November 2010

Hot Model Mona Qiera in Popular Magazine Rising Star Juli 2010

"Mona Qiera" Good Girl Gone Bad

Beautiful virgin who had been kidnapped girlfriend home to Phuket when this lecture was pleased that is fierce and dominant partner in bed.
Capital expression is more cruel than the stepmother does not seem to be a barrier for the girl's full name Wemona Chandra owners to keep stepping to Jakarta. Temptations of the big city was not indiscriminate. Freedom and solitude make the virgin birth of Makassar, October 11, 1985 is too far. It did not take long, this sweet girl and spoiled too caught up in a sparkling night life pulse. But slowly the eldest of four children was conscious when acting increasingly distanced from the initial dream. Little by little he began to be able to control themselves and limit the association. The result he earned a bachelor's degree and worked in private banks.

Nevertheless the world of entertainment is still the main passion, Cici Koko-Finalists in 2006 in Makassar was decided to leave the bench office and focus on modeling. Various renowned fashion designer has been wearing, bid on various magazine photoshoot soon becomes her daily food. She last played together in a soap opera Jullie Estelle Amanah In Love.

Mona Qiera - Popular model

Mona Qiera - hot popular model

Mona Qiera - sexy Popular model

"Mona Qiera Sexy Lingerie"

Mona Qiera - Popular

Mona Qiera - Popular

Mona Qiera - Popular lingerie model

Mona Qiera - Popular lingerie foto

Mona Qiera - Popular lingerie wallpaper

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