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Hot Bikini Masayu Anastasia Melorot

Hot Bikini Masayu Anastasia MelorotMasayu Anastasia Biography :

Masayu Anastasia was born January 19, 1984. She is known as as a model, actress soap opera and movie stars. She is a player model and soap opera like "ABG", "Prestige Gede-Gedean", "Laila", "gift", "Should I die".

Jonathan Frizzy ex-boyfriend is an actor, has been involved in love with Hengky location moments with starred Kurniawan, kiss me game film. Although old age and then not, that relationship ended in separation.

Next Masayu relationship with Ox Wiworo Teak, Clubeighties band vocalist. Masayu - Ox married on July 6, 2008, with a simple party.

Long not been heard from, apparently Masayu is pregnant her first child. In this first pregnancy, her husband, Ox-even quite protective. She was not allowed to cook, worrying things happen that are not desired.

Monday (10/19/2009), Masayu gave birth to her first child by caesarean. Babies who are women who are named Tamara Anaya Amandari, born in hospital Gandaria, at 1:42 o'clock in the morning.

Masayu Anastasia Bikini

Masayu Anastasia Bikini

Masayu Anastasia Bikini

Masayu Anastasia Bikini

Masayu Anastasia Bikini

Hot Bikini Masayu Anastasia, Lolita Putri Rizky, Adelia Rashia di Film Pengantin Topeng

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