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Adegan Syur|Hot Dewi Persik di Film Paku Kuntilanak

Dewi Persik Film Paku KuntilanakAdegan Syur|Hot Dewi Persik di Film Paku Kuntilanak

Dewi Persik tell selingkuh with Keith Foo-looking model from Singapore
Perselingkuhan this issue begins at Dewi play with Keith Foo, Singapore's original model. In one scene the film Paku Kuntilanak, Dewi body only foam dressing in the bath. Whether intentional or not, part of the breast are clearly visible. Knowing this, Aldy directly to the location and angry and ready to beat up Keith,

"There is no commotion. Aldi indeed often come to the location syuting, but adequately, "said Keith after the film preview Paku Kuntilanak. Furthermore, Keith Foo said the scene was done in the name of the professional pedangdut section.

"Before that, our discussion concerning the scene. I'm not deg-degan because I am a professional, "said the man is handsome.

"Because some angel was taken from, so do not look vulgar," continued Keith.
This man is not know if it been used as the third person in the marriage and Aldi Goddess at this time. He did not make a mistake, because it is reported Dewi and Aldi syuting problematic after the film.

"I do not know the problem. I only focus on the role I only. Honestly, I do not know this matter, "said the guy who also stars so often this ad.

For Keith, not her maiden Goddess idamannya. Goddess does not enter into the guy buruannya list. "If I look for friends. But if a girlfriend. I do not have this problem that need to be in the pardon, "said keith

Dewi Persik Film Paku Kuntilanak

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