Rabu, 29 Juli 2009

Gossip Ki Gendendeng Pamungkas Meninggal Dunia?

Ki Gendeng Pamungkas, known as one of the Paranormal in Indonesia, called make-a sensation by sending SMS messages via his mobile phone number to several government installations, military, police and news reporters with regard to his death.

In a news site written by poskota Saturday at 12:07 WIB (1 / 8), the Ki Gendendeng Pamungkas apologize for all his mistakes, either intentionally or in a not intentionally. Ki Gendendeng Pamungkas declared dead at 11:23 WIB. his dead body in a grave in mourning house in Jalan Merdeka Land next to New Bogor at 15:00 WIB, Will be cremation in the Sentul Padepokan Voters sky.
 KI Gendeng PamungkasFoto Ki gendeng Pamungkas

SMS broadcasted his death Ki Gendendeng Pamungkas, immediately create a Ki Gendenden home filled with journalists, police and the TNI. Police officers, military and government agencies appear to meet these luxurious homes. However, when asked, the information is not correct.

Firstling Ki Gendendeng when asked about his father's death, even upset. "Father died?. How did that info. Earlier morning, the father is still healthy and are now out, "said the eldest son of Ki Gendendeng.

Satpam housing also said the same thing. According to him, around 10:00 WIB, he still see the incoming Ki Gendendeng with the car Furtuner B 2 KGP. "Not long to see him go. In the car, I see her phone. If he die, certainly excited, "said Satpam to keep a number of officers.

Ki Gendendeng Pamungkas number to send a message that his death, not prepared to accept the call would be done when the confirmation. "This eudannn. Living in the main-mainin, "said an Intel Kodim.

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