Jumat, 10 Juli 2009

Video Penampakan Hantu|Ghost Michael Jackson

After the death of Michael Jackson week, scandalize video now circulating on the performers. Hantuu a Michael Jackson video that contains an image that shows the shadow of Michael at Neverland similar. Shadow is been used as penampakan ghost|hantu Michael Jackson.

Silhouette moving cross corridor, from left to right, then disappeared, accidentally caught when your camera directly CNN television program, 'Inside Neverland', which filled the interview between Larry King and older brother Michael, Jermaine Jackson.

Video penampakan hantu Michael Jackson

Larry King and older brother Michael, Jermaine Jackson., And an interpreter kameranya not shade during the CNN interview televise. However, after Neverland impression that their record is posted on YouTube, rumor about penampakan ghost|hantu Michael Jackson broad spread quickly on the internet.

But the television station CNN, disputed the speculation that all outstanding problems bogeyman Michael Jackson "A walk across kru equipment lighting, creating shadows on the wall." They said

Comments that appear to discuss the possibility as penampakan hantu|ghost Michael Jackson. "Yes, it really (Michael Jackson), even hair and the whole order (like the body of hantu|ghost Michael Jackson actually) ....! Indeed similar! "Said one of the comments that appear on YouTube

Other comments: "Truly unique. I've been playing more than 5 times and I have to akui that penampakan is similar to the figures spook Michael Jackson. I do not think with what I say that. Penampakan is truly himself. "

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