Jumat, 03 Juli 2009

groub Band Seventeen Ulang Tahun Ke-10

Merayakan ulang tahunnya yang ke 10 Seventeen konser di kota asalnya Yogyakarta.

Seventeen of the group known as the hit Selaluu Mengalahh this recently celebrated a birthday to 10. This band also experienced during the ebb and flow in the stage musical. Seventeen in the group itself is also often colored a little problem. But according to Ivan, the vocalist, any problem between them is always completed with the principle of kinship.

"We use the principle of kinship, but I actually do too well. Alhamdulilahh But we can always cope," said Ivan found time after completing the event Let's Dance Goes To Japan in the Central.

groub Band Seventeen
Foto groub Band Seventeen

10 years is not a small number to calculate the gait of a musician in the music world. This figure has now reached the group home town band Gudeg, Seventeen in the World music in indonesia.

To celebrate the birthday of Seventeen to 10 plan to celebrate with a concert will be in the city of Yogyakarta on the origin of 9 February to come. According to Ivan the selection of this city as the place because it existed as a thank you on their Yogyakarta.

"Plan concert 10 years, I was pending. So, on 9 February we will make a concert in Yogyakarta. Because we came from Yogyakarta we know of to say thanks to the people of Yogyakarta and friends in the community there. Seventeen not thank you, Seventeen back to Yogyakarta, "said Ivan.
groub Band Seventeen

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