Minggu, 05 Juli 2009

Foto Hot|Syur Julia Estelle Dengan Pria bule

Julia Estelle

hot and exciting photos Julie Estelle with his former paramour, of Moreno Soeprapto, circulating on the internet. And now look again similar images Julie Estelle with two men bule. One of the men are called bule-call in the internet as a close friend after dropping out of Julie Moreno.

Previously, Julie Estelle recognize the photos liburannya Moreno in Bali with the image itself. In the photo, Julie visible only wear bikini. "I do not need to clarify anything. What's wrong with the Pictures at the beach," he said during it.

Occurrence of the photos Hot Julie Estelle with beach background, rise to the suspicion. Photo is assigned to help push up the film in 3 Kuntilanak starring Julie. Horror movie that dibintangi Julie and Laudya Chintya Bella. Moreover, recently, images Julie Bella and the smoke and also holds a glass of wine outstanding.

Appear speculation, the photographs are deliberately assigned to help push up the campaign film Kuntinak 3. Is Julie?

"Why discuss? The images that I seronok. I do not want to get too dizzy. Spreader photographs the fraudulent charge and I have a job. During the fair, I do cuek course," Julie deception

Koleksi Foto Hot Bikini Julie Estelle
Julia Estelle

Julia Estelle

Julia Estelle

Julia Estelle

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