Selasa, 14 Juli 2009

Michael Jackson Homo|Gay??...

Michael Jackson homo|gay? in the book entitled "Unmasked: The Final Years of Michael Jackson" which tells about the life of Michael Jackson will released in the near future. surprising in that the content of the book is about the sex life of Michael Jackson.

According to some sources who have read the book, said that Michael Jackson is not a pedofil, but Jacko was still in orientation in the book. Sources said that Jacko is a fellow lover type (Homo) and establish links with the construction workers in Las Vegas. Jacko and his male lovers are often met in a motel.

Dalam Buku tersebut di katakan Jacko Adalah pecinta sesama jenis (Homo)

"Men inamorato Jacko acknowledge that Michael is forced to make a secret agreement related to the peculiar relationship they Go,"

Since the type of fellow, not Jacko want to make again with Debbie Rowe who was still tense as his wife. That while the speculation that Prince Michael Jackson Jr.. and Paris Michael Katherine Jackson Jacko not children. No one from the third son Michael is a blood meat. This is a worst secret in Hollywood.

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