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Profil Jamrud Group Band

Jamrud was formed in 1989 in Cimahi, West Java with the name of Jam Rock. Formation of this initial Azis MS (guitar), Teddy Ricky (bass), Agus (drums) and Oppi (vocal). jamrud has changed personnel several times until the formation of form now, which consists of Aziz (Azis Mangasi Siagian, guitar), Anto (Krisyanto, vocal), Ricky (Ricky Teddy, bass), and Herman (Suherman Husin, drums). In the year 2008 Krisyanto resigned from Jamrud, Jamrud immediately move to recruit new personnel. No responsibility - responsibility, added three new personnel into the band. They are Donald (vocal replace Krisyanto), Irwan (Guitar 2) and Danny (Drummer replace Suherman). Formation Jamrud With this latest release titled Album 2009 New Performance at the launching in Citoz Jakarta, 16 March 2009. The plan Jamrud Album Compilation released before the end of the 2009 Tour.

Jamrud Kini dimanjakan dengan sound system yang dashyat senilai 14 milyar
Jamrud Group Band Indonesia
Foto Jamrud Band Indonesia

At this time, Jamrud including one of the big band in Indonesia. Of the genre in its Jamrud nearly without rival. each concert plateau nearly always tens of thousands of spectators. Each release a new album, Jamrud always accompany the tour in the city tens of [the city reached 50]. Dream Log, as manager and producer, made the Jamrudd as a legendary band in Indonesia. One thing it's not impossible. But not that, by the Log, emerald pampered with a new sound system that is worth 14 billion big. Log is not half-hearted for the investment that is planted in the concert speaker system JAMRUD, the courage of extraordinary size for a local group. Speakers who will be on the tour show is emerald brand NEXO GEO T4805 and T2815 GEO, NEXO CD18 sub with French-made type of speaker system is the most modern technology and the largest in the country, and not owned by the rental of land in the sound of water. Speaker System NEXO brand strength watt 200k more, all made in France Built Up.

Foto Jamrud
Jamrud Group Band Indonesia

Jamrud Group Band Indonesia

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