Kamis, 02 Juli 2009

Foto Hot|Mesra Ciuman antara Mandala Shoji dan Vanessa Angel

foto mesra antara Mandala Shoji dan Vanessa Angel beradegan ciuman beredar di internet .

Photo hot kiss Mandala Shoji and Vanessa Angel circulating on the internet. Hot gossip about proximity Mandala Shoji and Vanessa Angel began to be seen, as evidenced by its outstanding photos on the internet between intimate Mandala Shoji and Vanessa Angel is currently smooch.

In the photo is visible Mandala Shoji Vanessa Angel and kissed each other on both cheeks, from this photo reinforce allegations that mandala - vanessa has a special relationship, the closeness of the two disputed the love affair, and only just a friend.

Meanwhile, Mandala had confessed her love Vanessa rated it would be developed. "He would like to receive if taught a positive thing," Mandala said. In fact, Mandala also been made with the way new artists.

However, both Vanessa and Mandala oppugn said a special relationship. "Mandala only friend," said Vanessa. Mandala also rejected if it is considered a destructive relationship and Vanessa Dwi Andhika.Padahal Mandala had been admitted also send short messages to the phone selulernya by Vanessa Vanessa health condition of the sick.

When this status Mandala single and Vanessa Angel is still in touch with Dwi Andhika, if the true relationship between the two tied, the gossip as the third Mandala Vanessa Angel evident truth.

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