Rabu, 01 Juli 2009

Rossa Menggugat Cerai Suaminya (Yoyo, Padi)

After the long break to cover the household, eventually Rossa contest the divorce her husband, Yoyo. Rossa divorce suit is to give the Religious South Jakarta. Listed in the letter of claim on behalf of the plaintiff Sri Handayani Rosliana Rosa and the accused Suhendro Prasetyo. Claim is posted on Monday (22/6/2009) and the trial schedule has been set on Tuesday (30/6/2009). In material claim, ask the right Rossa his foster son, Rizky Ramadan sky.

Foto Rossa

Fofile Rossa

Keputusan Rossa untuk menggugat cerai suaminya mendapatkan dukungan dari ayah Rossa H. Ukas Hasan Herawan

The harmonious household Rossa and Yoyo has been in the public know. Yoyo, especially when caught and confess children with another woman. But their relationship had improved. Peak, not long Rossa confess that this is separate bed with Yoyo. "Actually we do not have long to live the same house. But I'm not-I do. Most Yoyo home to meet the children," said rosa

Rossa decision to divorce her husband claim this is also the support of the father Rossa H. Ukas Hasan Herawan. H. Ukas not surprised that her son was about her husband, Yoyo on 22 Jun ago.

"Yes actually I'm not surprised. Indeed, this is his journey so well," said Father Rossa, H. Ukas Hasan Herawan, however, as parents, Ukas not claim to know the exact condition of the household is paired artists.

Foto Rossa dan Suaminya Yoyo

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