Sabtu, 11 Juli 2009

Video|Foto Pidato SBY Di Ganngu Lalat

Sby di ganggu lalay
When SBY (President Indonesia) syuting are led in the palate of state, Jakarta, some time ago. SBY its mencontreng of good-bye Pilpres 2009. However, a new sentence with reading early, stop of SBY immediately because there is pole of fly on its face. "Astaghfirullah," said SBY while trying to skim the fly prankish. Syuting eventually break-in. When resumed again, the fly appears to still not give up. New SBY about 3 minutes to speak, the fly back with the SBY.

Video SBY Di ganngu lalat saat pidato penyontrengan

"Astaghfirullah," SBY more exciting while blinking his eyes to attack the fly in front of the face and the left ear. The minister who is in the room answered a way SBY and with the fly is idiotic. But not ever found. There is asking SBY of drugs were fly sprays. Little time after, drug carries the insecticidal bomb of Paspampres.

SBY directly reach medicine and the insect of pulverizers injects it much time around the position of place of podiume. Then that the leader taking the insecticidal bomb of Paspampres of medicine and inject it with the flora on the back of SBY.

Jet of medicine of Beam any tercium of insect bite. Not always found where the fly is localised. After drug of aroma of jet of insect calms completely, SBY support syuting. Time functions successfully.

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