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Profil Ada Band

The Band is an Indonesian music group, has Donnie Sibarani (vocalist), Marshal (guitarist) and Dika Satjadibrata (bassis). Through their popular songs such as Masih, Langit Tujuh Bidadari, and Karena Wanita (Ingin Dimengerti). Most of their songs contain elements of love. Band form there in 1996, with the members of Abraham Imran (Baim) on guitar & vocal, Eddy Himawarso Iso (Iso) on keyboards & backing vocal, elif Ritonga (E'el) on drums, and Balagita Krishna (Krishna) on the keyboard / piano. In 1997, The Band's first album released with the title "Seharusnya". The song "Seharusnya" to pledge in their first album.

It's the band released a second album, after the vacuum cleaner during 2.5 years, entitled "Peradabann 2000" in July 1999. After this second album, and Iso E'el out of the ADA Band. Rama Yaya Muktio then joined as a drumer replace E'el. They released a third album in March 2001 entitled "Tiara." After this album finished Baim Iso and subsequent exit from the ADA E'el Band.
Ada Band Indonesia

Vacuum cleaner after two years, beginning in 2003, ADA Band menggebrak back with the formation of Krishna Balagita on the keyboard / piano, Suriandika Satjadibrata on bass & backing vocal, Rama Moektio Yaya on drums, Marshal Surya Rahman on guitar, Donnie on Sibarani vocal. With this formation, ADA Band released the album "Metamorphosis", with excellent songs, among others, "Masih (Sahabatku Kekasihku)", "Seberkas Kisah Lalu", & "Manja". The band also received the top recognition of their resurrection appears in different place with the music awards, among them nominated in Anugerah Music Indonesia (AMI) 2003 (in 4 categories) Clear up to the Top 10 Awards 2003 (in 3 categories). In addition to formation of a new album are also under the new label is EMI Music Indonesia.

Early 2004, Rama accident, car crash and his injuries worse. The condition of the body that is not possible, eventually making Rama should also be out of the ADA Band. The Band had to walk even if it only with 4 personnel. Additional Musicians were some, at the 2004 ADA Band release "Heaven of Love," and "Romantic Rhapsody" at the beginning of 2006, and "Cinema Story" in mid-2007.

In the album "Train of Love" there are 12 new songs. Donnie berduet with Gita Gutawa "Yang Terbaik Bagimu". While the song "Manusia Bodoh" selected to be the album's first single Love ini.Heaven of successful sales record number more than 300 thousand copies in five months. And they successfully get a double platinum award. Six months later, they received an award or awards Quadruple Award because Paltinum get 4x (in Indonesia, 150 per thousand records sold will be platinum). The band received an award as successful sales reach 600 thousand copies.

There latest album Band in 2008 is titled "Harmonius". Contains 11 new songs with the hits single "good". But on this latest album, again Band must have lost more personnel is one Khrisna Balagita. Although the band still have to present the romantic songs.

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Ada Band Indonesia

Ada Band Indonesia

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