Jumat, 10 Juli 2009

Video Ucapan|Kampanye Andi Mallarange Menuai kecaman??

Andi Mallarangeng announcement at kampenye that says "not yet time for children sulawesi to become president" be lamented several parties, especially the Bugis community in Makassar and are also in different regions in Indonesia, because it mentions "Not time child's Sulawesi to become President in Indonesia ."

Video pernyataan Andi Mallarange saat kampanye

Andi Mallarangeng statement makes emotional support pair Wiranto-Jusuf Kalla. Supporting mass-JK Win a criticism of protest in front of the office Andi DPD I Democrat, Makassar, the performance was this feeling of tension colored when hundreds of supporters JK Win-face with hundreds of supporters Susilo Bambang Yudhoyono-Boediono.

Mass support JK-Win investigate Andi statement that says the time has not been south of the South into national leaders. Andi statements are deemed unethical because of nuances and SARA mendiskredit a tribe. The statement also considered harassing human origin south Sulawesi. Andi correct respondent's words and apologize to the people of the south Sulawesi.

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