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Pasha Ungu Memukul Okie Berujung di kantor Polisi

Okie reported former husband Pasha to the Bogor Polresta for alleged conduct has tindak penganiayaan. widow Pasha Okie Agustina crying. She explains the chronology of violence against its Pasha

According to witnesses who have information in the police office, the visible face Okie former cuff contusion. rumor circulating around the police office in Bogor, beating incident occurred because the famous Pasha temperamental, does not hold the former view that his wife often be close to some men. Pasha may not receive if the mother of three children are diagnosed in the associative impressed.

However, according to information Okie, the incident started from the desire to ask for permission Okie want to bring children's on holiday to the beach Pangandaran, West Java. But that desire is Okie say categorically rejected categorically by Pasha. So that a commotion among them, are not avoided anymore.
OkieOkie Melaporkan Pasha Ungu Ke kantor polisi

"We report it with pasal 352 KUHP about penganiyaan light and pasall 335 KUHP of how not fun. But as the threat to its lightweight so Pasha can not hold," said John Simanjuntak, the power law Okie

Pasal 352 threat punishment 3 months confinement, while the 1 year prison for pasal 335. Because the threat of punishment for Pasha under 5 years old, the father of 3 children that need not hold office in the police.

Matter of Bogor District Court decision that the sentence Pasha penalty trial, John said that the decision applies is already expired.

"If punishment is not valid so it is not " said his
But John will attempted Pasha to be responsible for what he do to Okie. This is not the first time Okie persecuted Pasha

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Pasha UnguFoto Pasha ungu dengan anaknya

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