Sabtu, 04 Juli 2009

Gaya Rambut Baru Marshanda|Chaca

Marshanda now appear with a new hair color is blonde. appearance according to him is related to the making of new album. Marshanda confess not inspire anyone question his hair is blonde. He also disputed the forge if it is called Paris Hilton, heir to the throne of former Hilton Hotel.

"nothing to do," said Marshanda who is also an heir to it Sofyan Hotel

Menurut Marshanda Gaya Rambut Baru|Pirang ini karena berkaitan dengan pembuatan album barunya

"I again want to issue a new single and album, so all change appearance," he said Marshanda when found after the event 'Playlist'. the songs are on the new album entitled Bernafas dengan cintamu , this nuanced Pop Songs Melow themed love . Making video clips in a single sutradarai by Tompi Chairil located in an old building, while itself is derived from the concept Marshanda.

When the first change blonde hair, Mrshanda not had time to feel comfortable. When out salon, it felt strange. Fortunately the beloved, VJ Ben holds different. "I can tell I am a photo, he is funny. Many also say the same color match me, so I PD," he said.




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