Senin, 27 Juli 2009


After Ariel Peterpan and Luna Maya so the victim Olga Syahputra presenter. This time, Raffi Ahmad and Yuni Shara is also a victim Olga Syahputra. Raffi ahmad finally kissed|mencium mesra Yuni Shara.

Profile Raffi Ahmad
FOTO RAFFI  AHMAD MENCIUM YUNI SHARA Foto ciuman Raffi ahmad dan Yuni shara saat acara musik dahsyat

This event occurs when the music Dahsyat. Olga also reinforce its action is secretly supported by Luna Maya.

Yuni Shara After singing, Olga initially seduce the same color clothes between Yuni and Raffi Ahmad. "Coming together, wear the same black dress. habis pulang nyekar ?," said Olga. Originally Yuni sara Raffi and respond to expressions with Olga smiled. Not until there, Olga then on, the clothes at the foot of Yuni. "Oh, it's Raffi on the torn," he said. Next, Olga moment another issue again. He exploded and Yuni Raffi appear timid and bashful.

May not want to lose the expression of Olga or other motivation, Raffi immediately kissed the left cheek and right Yuni Shara. Yuni held directly without any doubt. "no, I am indifferent. not bashful," said Raffi while kiss Yuni, to prove the bumbling it.

Raffi Ahmad action to see the reckless, Luna Maya and Olga can only halt behind the thundering voice of spectators at these locations syuting Dahsyat.

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