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Profil Nagita Slavina Mariana Tengker|Gigi

Nagita Slavina Mariana Tengker or in the know with the name Nagita Slavina born in Jakarta, 17 February 1988 is a model and artist Indonesia.Nagita Slavina started his career as a model ad Biore face cleanser Anti Acne in 2000. Daughter pair Tengker Gideon (guitar beraliran old blues band, Drakhma) and Rita Amilia (sinetron players switch professions to become a producer) is also appearing in sinetron ditawari "Here There Satan." Who is ultimately to be made in the big screen version with the same title, "Di sini ada Setan."
Nagita Slavina
Foto Nagita Slavina

Roll behavior of plain and childlike, a typical newcomer actress Nagita Slavina, when dimintai meet the press comment on the Indonesian Film Festival. However, nagita be careful because the entrance berbangga nominated "Best Female hero" for the category Movies Stories Television Lepas.

"If I used to often play roles that culun or incompetent, now wah ... Had a high school student, please ...," Al-Azhar, Jakarta, this. Through a freelance film and television Tikus Cats Looking for Love this, Nagita will compete with a number of the nominator also newcomers, including Widi Mulia, vocalist AB Three

Who had the starring nagita slavina, among others, "Cinta 100 Hari", "Cewek Tulalit", "Tikus dan Kucing Mencari Cinta", and "Ramalan Alisha".

koleksi foto Nagita Slavia

Nagita Slavina

Nagita Slavina

Nagita Slavina

Nagita Slavina

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