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Foto Ciuman Ariel Peterpan Dengan Luna Maya

Since the official Ariel Peterpan divorce with his wife, Sarah Amelia, Ariel re-start the relationship again with the artist and the beautiful Luna Maya people say their relationship at this time have got blessing of both parents of each and they have been admitted to the proximity of the public. As is made in the print media

If Previous Luna Maya was in the emotional hook-associate with Ariel 'Peterpan', now no more. Luna even with voluntary shove colored to kiss the widower of a child. Landscape peculiar happens when Dahsyatnya Award ceremony held at the Dome, Carnival Beach Ancol, crew Peterpan directly increase stage when their name was announced as the winner of a video clip terdahsyat category.

Cash only, see Ariel, Olga Syahputra and Raffi Ahmad can not refrain from again. They directly meledek Ariel Peterpan Luna and aya. In fact, had occurred between pull Ariel, Olga, and Luna.

Its funny, Luna is demure in the beginning of the course. Not long after, this stage of origin Bali is no longer free. He is willing to submit a colored dicium Ariel award when the trophies.

Luna maya bersedia menyerahkan pipinya untuk dicium Ariel
Ciuman Ariel Peterpan Dengan Luna Maya
Profile And Photo Colection
Raffi a fraudulent ask them to repeat the scene again. Luna Maya and Ariel peterpan not refuse. They again kissed the left cheek and right in front of the spectators who cheer sorai directly witnessed the peculiar sight. Music award in the event that the event had turned into gossip and when Olga Raffi asks regard marriage issue and Ariel Luna series.

"How are confirmed, it does not properly married?" Raffi said.

Questions Frequently Asked hunters have news that is not answered to by Luna and Ariel. They only smile-embarrassed smile. Either whether the pair have been married digosipkan series in Bali that deliberately show fondness or not. That, spectacle smell left cheek and right as if it strengthen the presumption that there is' something 'in between them

Berikut Foto|Gambar Ciuman Ariel Peterpan Dan Luna Maya
Ciuman Ariel Peterpan Dengan Luna Maya

Ciuman Ariel Peterpan Dengan Luna Maya

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