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The Lacky laki Band Cilik Indonesia

The Lucky Beauty is a derivative of the band pentolan dewa19, Ahmad Dhani, Band of personnel in their own son is Ahmad Al-Ghazali On Guitar, El Jalaluddin Rumi On Drum and Ahmad Abdul qodir Jaelani on Bass.

Many people do with the song from The Lucky Laki, however for those of you who do not should be concern about, Mp3 can not have Superman on the Download Free, albeit with the sound quality is not perfect (plowing know) but think it's just treat you to the band cilik this.

The Lucky Laki band is intended to be a rock band Cilik fenomenal, where all personelnya participated in at least contribute their voices in song. In one of their songs are titled Bukan Superman, once thick with the feel of the music from Dewa19, the usut have usut cool song from The Beauty is a lucky song creation ahmad dhani that in the previous Dewa19 to prepare, but because some of the things this song only layover in Studio only music, and lyrics with a little literary work, the song is not superman is now very fit in nyanyikan own son. Next Not Superman Lyrics Song of The Lucky Laki
The lacky laki Band

Bos management of the Republic Cinta of Ahmad Dhani confess overwhelmed in the set schedule manggung three sons band, The Lucky Laki. The many who came manggung bid.

Dhani itself does not suggest that the lacky laki to receive bids manggung. "If we do not want to appear and have been paid, so do not blame us. Therefore, a mood of children, can be changed at any time," he said.

Money on the results manggung The Lucky Lakii, Dhani confess everything into account own. "If to the children, I know they have not," he said.

According Dhani, playing music is a sideline for their children. For the main, they play football.

Koleksi Foto The Lucky Band
The lacky laki Band

The lacky laki Band

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