Kamis, 09 Juli 2009

Foto|gambar Logo Slank band indonesia

Slank is a famous music group in Indonesia. Formed by Bimbim on 26 December 1983 due to become bored playing music cover band and have a strong desire to create their own songs.

Slank is the beginning of the birth of a group called Cikini Stones Complex (csc) formation Bimo Setiawan Sidharta (Bimbim) in the early 80's. This band plays only songs and the Rolling Stones did not want to play a song from another band, they eventually saturate and eventually the end of the year 1983 this group was dissolved.

Bimbim forward their spirit of play with both his brother Denny and Erwan Red Evil formed, which then changed its name so Slank, a name taken by the board of cemoohan people often mention that they do selengean [1] with the additional personnel Bongky (guitar) and Kiki (guitar ). Bimbim residence on Jl. 14 pencil so their headquarters.

logo Slank collection

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