Minggu, 12 Juli 2009

Cynthia Bella-Chico Jerico Resmi Pacaran

Approximately 4 months this is Chico Jerico status as a girlfriend of Laudya Cynthia Bella. Chico ready to confess anything in the gossip about his relationship with Bella woven. Because Bella often mutually boyfriend. Lho why can not ..? This is reasonable, fair only. If you are a match must be why. iya nggak Bella ..?

"Kita jadiannya 8 Februari 2009. Awalnya dari teman dulu. Kita kan sudah saling kenal saat masih bermain di Cintaa Bungaa dulu, di rumah produksi MD Entertainment. Jadi nggak susah jadian nya," jelas Laudya Cynthia Bella didampingi pacarnya Chico Jericho di Studio Penta, Batusari, Kebon Jeruk, Jakarta Barat

Foto Cynthia Bella, Chico Jerico

Chico for the past Bella is not important, although a pair any past us, we must accept all well, because it does not establish a relationship begins with the brain but with the heart. Chico confess although difficult, but they both try to apply a sense of mutual trust with each other.

Repeat year in Chico is very happy now because he already has a pair like Bella can be invited to share happiness. But now Bella is being godly Umroh go. "Maybe tonight Bella has come," said Chico with enthusiasm because he is right on the day that the birthday of the beloved akan arrived back in the ground water

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