Selasa, 28 Juli 2009

Video Jangan Menyerah D'masiv Plagiat lagunya muse??

D'massive get Back accusations and criticism from the music listener. If some of the songs before they are considered trace tracks the band out, and now their latest song titled "Jangan Menyerah" in the crib|plagiat tell the band Muse song entitled "Falling Away For You".

In response to this, the personnel D'masiv confess not too worry about their opinion italics. "The less work it is so. If he have the paper show, "said Rian as the vocalist and the creator of the song. It is true that if you heard a song at a glance, D'masiv feels so similar to the song is Muse. But the songs "Jangan Menyerah" Slow Beat made with felt, so contrast. Equality of the two songs that appear on the passage of the guitar intro from the second track.

"The song we are far away and the lyrics nadanya. We make the song what it is, I make the songs fit with what I feel "said Ryan

Video Klip D'Masiv jangan menyerah

The song ( jangan menyerah) is spelled like Muse paper titled 'Falling Away For You'. If you heard the song a second glance is similar. However, 'Do not give up' have a slow beat.

Back again is all the assessment in the hands of music lovers and it lands in the water. Indeed, there is no certainty about the size of an action plagiarism. However, most of the soul and the grub of a band on cases such as this are very necessary.

Video Klip Lagu Muse Falling Away For You

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