Minggu, 05 Juli 2009

Foto Hot |syur Pinkan mambo

Similar pinkan naked photos circulating on the internet, this time the victim is a Pinkan Mambo.
In the image that appears in the virtual world, the women who figure envisaged without any ply, similar to the figure seen Pinkan.

Pinkan mambo

From the images to okezone, put on a woman without clothes similar to the canary Pinkan Mambo. From the image, clearly enshrined at 09.47 as listed in the top photo. Photo is also explain that the image was taken on 24 January 2007.

In this picture there is also a television and computer. Appear to decorate a belly earrings white woman.

In addition, women with similar Pinkan Mambo posing with a finger telunjuknya. If it be the detail, it is clear that this photo was taken in a room. Background image is also visible-have furniture home furniture.

Women's called full Pinkan ward Ratnasari Mambo is news. He did not stick to photos bugil contemporary life.

"I did not image that kind of, especially for the images bugil. I had to kepikiran to it, "said Pinkan.

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