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Sisca Jessica Penari seksi di Film Merantau

Sisca Jessica

Sisca Jessica Penari seksi di Film Merantau

To deepens its role as a sexy dancer in the film "Merantau" Sisca Jessica diligent visiting nightclubs.

In the film Sisca Jessica role as Astri, women who work as dancers section. He is a human trafficking victims and illegal organizations. Until finally, Yuda a role in a Iko Uwais came to save them.

Dancers as a section that is identical with the dark, Sisca also must appear a little rough. Not infrequently in the scene "Merantau", Sisca vituperate dirty words.

"I have some observations to the club to observe behavior sexy dancer," he said at the time found Blitzmegaplex, Grand Indonesia, Jakarta Pusat

"In this film, I must speak in a normal rough, I am also a bit uncomfortable initially. Actually I'm not like that," she explained.

"Merantau" this film, is made in a foreign director, who want to make a film Drama with a background aktion silat martial.

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