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Foto Ciuman Mesra Roger Danuarta-Sheila Marcia

 Roger Danuarta-Sheila Marcia

 Roger Danuarta-Sheila Marcia

Foto Mesra|Ciuman Roger Danuarta- Sheila Marcia

the artist gives the bad example to the public, particularly people in Indonesia.Foto Ciuman Sheila Marcia and Roger Danuarta was outspread in the Internet. This news is public indonsien astonishing because the relations Sheila Marcia and the danuarta of Roger released since Sheila Marcia enter the prison due to drugs or consume drugs.

On Thursday August 7, 2008, of drugs of part of Sheila are caught in the 7 mes people of gold of rooms 8 and 4 of stage of sky of apartment of Pluit others directly fixed in Penjaringan Mapolsek. Sheila acknowledged freely prison Friday, March 6.2009.

Before and after enter the prison, Sheila narrow with some men. Sheila had made love with the ADI Nugroho, known under the name of the presenter and Ricky Harun of AFI is old a paramour of Chelsea Olivia Wijaya. However, this report/ratio did not survive a long time, and they release. Afterwards, Sheila make love with Roger Danuarta.After being dropped out of Roger, it was court with Jupiter Fortissimo (called Josh Pieter).

Be in the guard since the police station of Jakarta of north, glance of Sheila Marcia inside seldom by Roger Danuarta. In fact, skin of Sheila which it never shows to the nose of stem. Once enquis of, possible law Sheila, oppugn of Jhonny Danuarta it.

Fact previously, the film the Tentang principal Cinta will enter the hospital like suffering of an ulcer. For these reasons, up to now it cannot look in a certain kind of virgin of face sings it. Nevertheless, Jhonny indicated that the situation is now to recover his son.

But Jhonny decided to finish the plans Roger and Sheila of marriage. Nevertheless, this old man whom the part will always love their own children like Sheila.

The failure is not a plan of happiness is not molten. Granting Jhonny, it is the reason which it is not already in conformity with Sheila parents.

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