Minggu, 05 Juli 2009

Foto Hot|Syur Widi Fiera

foto-foto syur Widi Vierra yang seksi ini benar-benar foto widi. Hal tersebut terungkap di acara ceriwis.
Vierra band vocalist who has a full name Widi Soediro Nichlany now hot and exciting photos circulating on the internet knowledgeable. There are about 4 photos widi vierra a little hot and exciting is shown in the photo. In one photo, seen widi

vierra beradegan intimate with girlfriend. Widi Pacar be naked chest, while widi vierra wear purple pool of chest showed a little cleavage.
Widi Fiera

In the exciting photos and the other hot, intimate scenes appear together widi vierra girlfriend in the bathroom. Widi boyfriend still be naked chest, Widi also use the swimming suit that looks so sexy. Photo intercommunion Widi Vierra and girlfriend have also seen in the car. In images that appear to hold steady widi the chest Widi the section. There are also photos of hot Widi Vierra with sleepwear. In addition, there is also a photo section Widi Vierra who only wear shirts and hot pants.

Perhaps he said, photos Widi Vierra suggestion that this section really widi photos. This is revealed in the event ceriwis.

Since the last few months outstanding photos exciting band vocalist Vierra, Widi Soediro Nichlany, with a girlfriend. Many parties who will assume outstanding photos are up efforts to name the band who are still new and as the newcomers in the music of Indonesia.

Widi Fiera

Widi Fiera

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