Jumat, 10 Juli 2009

Video Pidato Putri Michael Jackson|Paris

Video Speech Paris, daughter Michael Jackson - Events last homage to Michael Jackson, on Wednesday early morning WIB, visible when the melt Putri Michael Jackson, Paris is still the age of 11 years of his words sounded so heartbreaking. Be embraced with the aunt, Janet Jackson, who flatter his brown hair long and told them to speak, close to Paris over the microphone, tears wet face

Video Pidato Paris Putri Michael Jackson

Paris itself looks very vibrant and weeping while holding up on the stage. Cilik hapless girl who will end a water eyes said, "Since I was born, Daddy always be the best father you can imagine bias. And I just want to say that I really love it."

Erlich also said if the Jackson family have requested that the event does not honor this last made the TV. However, the producer said, "We hope that you feel are watching an event last homage."

In front of around 18,000 people, turned to Paris and his family and immerse him in the neck Janet Jackson, and alternately be embraced by other family members.

"No one shall be ready for this. This will be one of the most dikenang moment of the ceremony last homage to Michael's," says media historian, Ron Simon, who called the Paris speech can only be compared with respect to the military salut la late President John F Kennedy's son John at the funeral of the President 1963.

Paris and the two brothers lelakinya, Prince Michael Jr. and Prince Michael II, rarely appear in public. Usually covered their face masks to avoid the photographers when they accompany his father, who is famous. Michael felt the trail by the bar, maintaining strict private life his children.

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