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Profil Derby Romero

Derby Romero
Foto Derby Romero

Derby Romero is one of the performers are more brisk ride leaves the world music of Indonesia, pelantun song "Gelora Asmara" was born 8 June 1990, never played in the film with Sherina "Petualangan Sherina" and play in the film Janus Prajurit Terakhir also play in Kepompong Sinetron

Previously, the Derby has been trying aktingnya via FTV produced by MNC Pictures in the year 2008. Now Derby active syuting sinetron entitled KEPOMPONG shown 16:30 WIB. every day by SCTV

Besides busy syuting sinetron, Derby is currently taking a course this way of law, trying to start in the music capabilities. Through the duo formed a group, Derby Duo, with pianist he Iras Dorallen. The first single released is Gelora Asmara previously been brought by Groove Bandit on the album TWO YEARS AFTER in 2007. Of course aransemen with the new colors that match the voice Derby. The first single is also included in the soundtrack sinetron KEPOMPONG played it.

Derby are currently being made love with new artists, Inggrid Pangalila, which is the sister of artist Randy Pangalila. Although older age Inggrid year's Derby, but their relationship has been running for two years. They do not make a difference this age.

Profile Derby Romero:
  • Full Name: Derby Romero
  • Place Date of Birth: Jakarta, 8 June 1990
  • Religion: Protestant
  • Hobby: Syuting, Clubbing, Nongkrong with its teman2, Watch, Movies, Learning. Favorite Movies: Godfather, Running Scared, Coach Carter, Grudge, Heroes
  • Favorite TV Show: MTV Pimp My Ride

Koleksi foto Derby Romero
Derby Romero

Derby Romero

Derby Romero

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