Sabtu, 04 Juli 2009

Profil Group Band Seventeen

Seventeen is the origin band group of Yogyakarta that of the five young children, Doni (vokal), Banu (bass), Andi (drum), Yudhi (guitar) and Herman (guitar) who likes to play music since sitting still in the SMU. Chance to gather as happy with, they agreed to establish a group called Seventeen, which happens with the name of a youth magazine. This name they accidentally select a practical consideration because this band was formed on 17 January 1999. when they are 17 years old. Seventeen deliberately show their typical game on the guitar a more dominant compared to other instruments. Seventeen try exploring the guitar and vocal sound that is full inspiration. They take the flow of their music as pop-set.

Personel of Seventeen the Group Band
  • Rus Harjanto Yudi (Position: Guitar)
  • Herman Sikumbang (Position: Guitar
  • Riefian Fajarsyah/Ifan (Position: vocal)
  • M. Start Purbani (Position: Bass)
In the way, Seventeen had a change of personnel and must be separated with Doni in the context of professionalism. Ifan position is replaced by the characters have with twisted vocal wither, but it also has elements of rock. This makes the music that carried Seventeen bermetamorfosa with a more mature concept. Touch Piano and Brass and string section on songs bring songs on Seventeen new atmosphere.



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