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Foto Hantu Saat Konser D'Masiv Di Papua

D'Masiv group is a band that berdomisli Indonesia in Jakarta. This music group was formed on 3 March 2003, members namely Rian Ekky Pradipta (vocal), Dwiki Aditya Marsall (guitar), Nurul Damar Ramadan (guitar), Iskandar Dinata Rayyi Kurniawan (bass), and Rev. Piadji (drums). D'masiv album Go is Nirwana. This music group successfully won A Mild Live Wanted.

d'Masiv was made as a plagiarist of other bands music. In fact YouTube, outstanding video recording of the song D'masiv drag the songs that have been considered in the rover. In addition, the album d'Masiv also considered impersonating Aerosmith album cover.

Foto Hantu Saat konser D' masiv Band Di papua

Currently, d'Masiv are preparing their second album is planned to be released in August 2009.

Upheaval had occurred, at a concert d'Masiv in Papua on 11 February 2009. Concert with the group J-Rock band in the tell have this' smooth soul |Hantu'which they watch the concert. Even a video recording that shows evidence of 'other organism' circulating on the internet.

However, the 'ghost|Hantu' effect is only a backdrop of the stage. Not penampakan 'creatures from another world' that many discussed.

Although busy as a plagiarist tell the band, but d'Masiv proven through work and achievement that they get. One is to get the award in the category you tremendous Love This song kill in the event Dahsyat Awards on 19 April 2009

Koleksi Foto D'masiv Band indonesia
Foto D'Masiv

Foto D'Masiv

Foto D'Masiv

Foto D'Masiv

Foto D'Masiv

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