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Band D'masiv Rilis|Released Mini Album Religi

Group Band D'masiv Rilis Mini Album Religi untuk menyambut Ramadan

Group D'masiv band released a mini album containing two songs titled "Mohon Ampun Aku" and "Jangan Menyerah".

Mini albums are the predicate knit band as the band mellow. However, according to the Record Musica D'Masiv become producers, the song selection is only the desire of hearing. "In fact we only follow the desire of hearing on the radio and fans D'Masiv. They like most of his songs D'Masiv a mellow, so that this group gets a new nickname, metal alias band mellow total," explained producer Musica
D'masiv Band
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the song "Mohon Ampun Aku" is in this album relgi nuances. According to Rian, this song invites us to love not only to the type of opponent and fellow human beings,but also love the gods.
"Especially at times we do not knowingly do wrong and we want these songs not only be heard at any time during fasting month. Given that God is not only in the fasting month, but may at any time," said Rian.

Vocalist D'masiv Rian said the process of making a mini album is very short. "Two songs in this album fit the theme for the month of Ramadhan," said Rian D'masiv
Rian told, the two songs that packed in compact disc album is not a religion. "This is not a religious album. But special edition," he said.

The minia lbum D'Masiv, according to Achin, to bridge the next album before the release. Mellow character with the song lyrics and a more religious, he does not ward members minia lbum this deliberately issued the Ramadan

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