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Profi T2 (T ika dan Tiwi) Group Musik Indonesia

T2 is the group music of indonesia formed in 2007. They consist of personnel from Tika and Tiwi. Both had followed the Academy Fantasy Indosiar (AFI) in 2005. Although not a winner but they are enough and the public in mind. Tika is in ninth position while the Tiwi in the seventh position.

As a duo group has released albums both prime, OK (2007) are entitled to the same song (OK). Able to reach their album 'Platinum Award', with the number of sales in May 2008 to cut through 125 thousand copies and RBT 734 thousand.
t2 (tika dan tiwi)
Video clips on the making of a new duet Tika Tiwi, one of the girls in Bandung put this baby doll dibalut with a bolero with black color that is senada. Tika spectacular show with the hair be painted red. Tua Tua keladi songs that were both T2 really enjoy making music. While tottery until tika unaware if kembennya down slightly due to hand movement that is too high.

Try professionals, Tika still syuting continue without break, while facing the back kembennya he justify it. Fear incident recurred again, Tika hold up before kembennya interview with the journalist.

Koleksi Foto T2 groub Vokal Dwo Indonesia
t2 (tika dan tiwi)

t2 (tika dan tiwi)

Wallpaper tika t2
t2 (tika dan tiwi)
Walpaper Tiwi t2
t2 (tika dan tiwi)

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