Kamis, 09 Juli 2009

Kecelakaan (incident ) Dinda Kanya dewi

Gen. override the hapless actress Dinda Kanyadewi. Actress, known as antagonis role in sinetron Cinta Fitri this, having a car accident near her home in the area, the Salemba Central Jakarta, Saturday 4 July dawn. Due to the emergency, Dinda experienced serious injury in the blind eye and threatened.

According to doctors, eye damage Dinda reach 80 percent, Dinda experience bleeding that is heavy in the right eye.

kerusakan mata Dinda kanya dewi mencapai 80 persen

see a serious wound in the natural dinda kanya dewi Entertaiment Bos MD, Manoj Punjabi, Dinda plans to bring to Singapore for treatment. "If I see skin Dinda. He was beautiful, especially her role in the main Cinta Fitri. How was brought to Singapore, the second opinion only," said Manoj.

Dinda condition at this time have started 50 percent improved, compared to the new conditions when the accident, the condition of 80 percent dinda damaged.

When accidents occur, Dinda not wear seat belt. Because no airbag, he avoid a fatal accident. Dinda pound curb car because the driver in the motor area Kramat, Salemba, Central Jakarta.

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